Gide to True way of Living! ( 2 )

A pupil should always rise when his teacher enters, wait upon him, follow his instructions well, not neglect an offering for him , and listen respectfully to his teaching. 

At the same time, a teacher should act rightly before a pupil and set a good example for him ; he should correctly pass on to him the teaching he has learned ; he should use good methods and try to prepare the pupil for honers; and he should not forget to protect the pupil from evil in every possible way. If a teacher and his pupil observe these rules, their association will move smoothly. 

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A husband should treat his wife with respect , courtesy and fidelity. He should leave housekeeping to her and sometimes provide for her needs, such as accessories . At the same time, a wife should take pains with the housekeeping, manage the servants wisely, maintain her virtue as a good wife should. She should not waste her husbands income, and should manage the house properly and faithfully. If these rules are followed , a happy home will be maintained and there will arise no quarreling. 

The rules of friendship means there should be a mutual sympathy between friends, each supplying what the other lacks and trying to benefit the other , always using friendly and sincere words. 

One should keep his friend from falling into evil ways, should protect his property and wealth, and should help him in his troubles. If his friend has some misfortune , he should give him a helping hand , even supporting his family, if necessary. In this way , their friendship will be maintained and they will be increasingly happy together. 

to be continued………..