Gide to True way of Living! Part 3

continuation of Gide to True way of Living!……….

Part 3.

A master in his dealings with a servant should observe five things: He should assign work that is suitable for servant’s abilities, give him proper compensation, care for him when he is in ill health, share pleasant things with him, and give him needed rest.

A servant should observe five things : He should get up in the morning before his master and go to bed after him , should always be honest , take pains to do his work well, and try not to bring discredit to his master’s name. If these rules are observed , there will be peace and no controversy between master and servant.

A disciple of Buddha should see to it that his family observes the teachings of Buddha. They should cherish respect and consideration for their Buddhist teacher , should treat him with courtesy, attend to and observe his instructions, and always have and offering for him.
Then the teacher of Buddha’s teaching should rightly understand the teaching, rejecting wrong interpretations, emphasizing the good, and should seek to lead believers along a smooth path. When a family follows this course, keeping the true teaching as its center , it will thrive happily.

A man who bows in the six directions does not do so in order to escape from external misfortunes. He does it in order to be on his guard to prevent evils from arising within his own mind.


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