Dhamma padha Gatha. 3

Uncontrolled Hatred Leads to Harm

Akkocchi maṃ avadhi maṃ, ajini maṃ ahāsi me
Ye ca taṃ upanayhantim, veraṃ tesaṃ na sammati

Who bears within them enmity:
“He has abused and beaten me,
defeated me and plundered me”,
hate is not allayed for them.

Explanation: When a person holds that he was insulted, assaulted, defeated, or robbed, his anger continues to increase. The anger such a person has no way of subsiding. The more he goes over his imaginary trouble the greater becomes his desire to avenge it.

Hatred is Never Appeased By Hatred
The Elder Tissa
The Elder Tissa, a cousin of the Buddha, did not pay due respect to the senior monks. When they admonished him, he threatened them, and complained to the Buddha. The Buddha urged him to apologise, but Tissa was obstinate. The Buddha related a story to show that Tissa had been just as obstinate in a previous life. He had to ask forgiveness from the senior monks.


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